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News » Just add juice, vidiots

Just add juice, vidiots

Just add juice, vidiots
Now here's a video game that even Barry Bonds (allegedly) and Roger Clemens (allegedly) could get behind.

According to BadJocks.com, the people at Addicting Games have created an online game that lets baseball fans choose whether to beef up at the gym or take the route players like A-Rod did: by using performance-enhancing drugs.

The advantage of "Baseball: Juiced," though, is there are no pesky media inquiries or Congressional statements. It's like Rafael Palmeiro's fantasy world.

Badjocks.com recently got a sneak preview, and said the game takes about 60 seconds to master, and a season doesn't even last a fortnight. It does warn, though, that if players choose the track of juicing, the game can decide to drug test at any time. (But are the million-dollar contracts still guaranteed?)

Fortunately, it's still a family friendly enterprise. After all, with names such as

A-Fraud, Marky McWeird and Jose Conswaco, this has to be geared toward kids, right?

Home advantage

You'd think everyone would know about Ford Field jinxes. Basketball teams are a combined 0-5 after dressing in the Detroit Lions' personal locker room. Connecticut was victim

No. 5 after it lost to Michigan State, and the Spartans themselves are 0-2 after using the so-called "home room." The Spartans have played several regular-season games at Ford Field, and stayed out of the cursed locker room, but it sure didn't help them against North Carolina.

Apparently, once the stench of the Lions is on you, it's hard to wash off. Not even tomato juice can cut through that stank.

Money matters

Colorado College's Football program has a 127-year history, but the school also has budget problems. So the board of trustees forced the athletic department to cut spending by $8 million to $12 million, and Colorado College announced it was dropping Football, along with softball and water polo, the Los Angeles Times reported. This greatly upset notable alumnus and former running back Steve Sabol, president of NFL Films: "A special circle in hell should be reserved for the members of the board of trustees who made this decision without notifying us."

Does he mean like working for Al Davis in Oakland?

And finally

Michigan State guard Travis Walton was succinct (and sadly accurate) in his assessment of Detroit, with the Kansas City Star: "Rich people are losing their money, and poor people ain't getting no money."

But they'll always have the People Mover.

Author:Fox Sports
Author's Website:http://www.foxsports.com
Added: April 14, 2009

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