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News » Ford's football team fails, too

Ford's football team fails, too

Ford's football team fails, too
Who says the Big Three automakers are in trouble?

The Ford family doesn't need government bailout money and has almost

$42 million in Football pocket change to drop on a college kid's unproven arm for their $700 million NFL franchise.

I guess that has to make those laid-off Ford Motor Co. employees feel good about dedicating their lives to people who love to waste money.

How in the world can the Detroit Lions actually justify paying Matthew Stafford $42 million in guaranteed money when the kid has as many question marks as this column does?

This is how the auto industry has failed America. Big business overspending and getting nothing in return. Investments in bad contracts they never should have signed in the first place.

The arrogance of the Fords is never having to show any need to justify paying Matt Millen

$5 million a year to bury your team or $11 million to Steve Mariucci to walk away.

The Lions are the perfect business model that shows how the Big Three auto giants got in financial trouble. It was: 1) Bad ownership, 2) Bad product development, 3) Bad business decisions, 4) Lack of respect for what the customer wants.

Let's put this auto collapse into Lions terms:

1) Detroit always has had a terrible front office, 2) The Lions never have developed players, 3) They always draft, hire and fire the wrong people, 4) They never care what the fans think.

Drafting Stafford puts the entire existence of their franchise on the line. If he isn't the quarterback they think he is, then they better just sell the team. If the Georgia kid isn't peachy, and sours before our eyes, the Lions will go out of business or call the NFL for money to keep the operation up and running.

The fans will not sit around and let this team hit the restart button in three years with a new front office, coach and quarterback. They can't take it anymore. Most are close to a fan bailout of their own.

I thought coach Jim Schwartz wanted to get bigger, stronger and faster on the offensive and defensive lines? Wait, Tom Lewand and Martin Mayhew both worked under Millen, didn't they?

The players drafted this year prove the head coach has no pull in this organization. Schwartz, without even coaching a game, already seems like every other Lions head coach the past decade who had no input or control over his players.

Here is a guy we thought the Lions hired because he knows defense, and they go quarterback and tight end for the first two picks in this year's draft when they have had the worst defense in the NFL the past two years.

Wasn't Millen hired as president to make them tougher and better on defense, and all he did was draft offense? Wasn't Rod Marinelli hired as head coach because he supposedly knew defense, and they stunk? Now, we get the same from the new guy Schwartz?

Why do they make the same mistakes over and over again? Wait a minute, I know this answer. Lewand and Mayhew both worked under Millen.

The fans have had enough propaganda on how the Lions are so much better than 0-16.

Play Stafford now. If you pay someone $42 million in upfront money, he had better be good enough to play and start today. Let him learn on the job in 2009 so he is ready to lead the Lions to the playoffs in '10. No one is waiting anymore on anything when it comes to the Detroit Lions . If Stafford fails, then they are done as a franchise.

Author:Fox Sports
Author's Website:http://www.foxsports.com
Added: April 30, 2009

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