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News » Detroit Lions Notes, Quotes 2009-05-08

Detroit Lions Notes, Quotes 2009-05-08

Detroit Lions Notes, Quotes 2009-05-08
--The Lions' philosophy with quarterback Matthew Stafford is simple.

"I think the most important thing is to focus on where the guy is in his development," general manager Martin Mayhew said. "Is he ready? And when he's ready, you put him in."

The Lions want to be patient with the No. 1 pick in this year's draft, and they shouldn't have to rush him with veteran quarterback Daunte Culpepper on a one-year contract.

But that doesn't mean the Lions are taking it easy with Stafford.

"We're not going to spoon-feed him, now," offensive coordinator Scott Linehan said. "He's got to take it in and digest everything we give him and go out and perform."

As Linehan said, the Lions don't want to play Stafford before he's ready, but they don't know when that will be. They don't want to rush him. But they don't want to hold him back, either.

"At this point," Linehan said, "we're just going to throw everything at him, put him in as many situations as we can and see how fast he progresses and not really put a timetable on it."

--Who is the starter right now -- Daunte Culpepper or Matt Stafford?

"It's May," general manager Martin Mayhew said. "We've got plenty of time to figure all that out. Daunte is a guy who's a vet. He's been around. He's a pro, and I trust Daunte. He's got a lot of ability, and I anticipate that if we had something to do today, Daunte would be the guy today. But we've got a lot of time to work, and we'll see how it goes."

--Asked why he thinks top quarterback prospects have failed in the past, Mayhew said: "They get drafted early by teams that haven't been successful, and then they got rushed onto the field, which makes it tough to succeed. I think that's been a pattern if you look at a lot of these guys."

Mayhew cited Tim Couch, who went to the Browns first overall in 1999 and failed miserably.

"I'll never forget Tim Couch," Mayhew said. "When they drafted him, they got Ty Detmer. They were going to take their time and work him in and all that, and in Week 2, there he was starting. And so I think that's something you have to be very cognizant of. But on the other hand, there are guys that have been able to go in and play early. I think you can't plan for that."

--Foote wants to help his hometown off the field, too. He just bought a house here. He will continue to be active in the community -- no matter where he plays in 2010 and beyond.

"Detroit is on the up-and-up," Foote said. "We're starting fresh with the football team. We've got a new mayor. We can't do nothing but go up, to be honest. But people have got to be willing to roll up their sleeves and get to the root of it and turn things around, and I'm definitely one that's on the positive side of that. I'm excited. Just off the field, just doing stuff in the community and reaching these young kids and getting this place turned around."

--The Lions have hosted free agent defensive end Kevin Carter. Not only did Carter play for Schwartz in Tennessee, he's from Mayhew's hometown of Tallahassee, Fla. "I've known him for a while," Mayhew said. "I think Kevin's a veteran who's been around it for a long time. I don't think he has a sense of urgency to do something right now. We've been in dialogue with him and his agent, and I don't think anything with him is imminent."

QUOTE TO NOTE: "Everybody gets their freak on a little different way." -- Lions coach Jim Schwartz, a rock fan, on his headphones-only policy in the locker room.

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Added: May 8, 2009

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