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Steve Mariucci Sorta Takes a Shot at Matt Millen, but Not Really
by November 30, 1999 @ 12:00 am (Category : Uncategorized )

Jun 30th 2008 8:39AM by Ryan Wilson (author feed)
Filed under: Lions, NFC NorthYesterday, MDS pointed out that former 49ers and Lions head coach Steve Mariucci is open to returning to the NFL, but he doesn’t want to move away from Northern California. That sorta limits his options, obviously, but working for Matt Millen can force you to re-evaluate what you’re willing to put up with to do something you love.

Interestingly, today’s , declares that “Mariucci takes shot at Matt Millen,” although anybody who’s heard Mariucci speak for more than 10 seconds might find it hard to believe he’d take a shot at anybody. In the original piece MDS cited, Mariucci was quoted as saying: “Matt Millen has changed 58 coaches already, and he’s now finally changing players,” Mariucci said. “Sure I’ve stayed in touch with some of them and some of the coaches, and on occasion Bill Ford Jr. — I respect the heck out of Bill, he’ll take that team over some day.” As far as taking swipes at former employers go, I’d say this ranks right up there with the Johnnie Morton-Matt Millen homoerotic shouting match from 2003. Except very, very different.

The thing is, I’m sure Mariucci could write a 700-page book on his experiences with the Lions, but reporting that Millen has changed 58 coaches and is finally changing players hardly seems scandalous. Even for the guy who cries every time he sees Brett Favre. That said, it’s hard to pass up on a chance to point out Millen’s inadequacies.

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